Hello, I love your frozen food especially the bloodworms. Keep up the good work. Thanks,

Gina Watson
Saint Albans, WV

Most recently I had purchased your brine shrimp and freeze dried plankton from my local aquarium store. All I have to say is that your company by far has the best fish foods for my fish. I own a cichlid tank and have noticed since feeding them your foods they have grown a large amount with the inclusion of colour. from now on I will recommend these foods to all of my friends who own aquariums and I will be purchasing more of your product in the future.

Jonathan Nancarrow

I am sending you this e-mail to let you know that I have been using your products for what seems like an eternity. Just a note here, I have been in the hobby since age nine, a total of 45 years. I use many of your frozen foods in my freshwater tanks as a treat and to condition my fish for breeding. Frozen brineys, bloodworms, beef heart, briney eggs for hatching, and other products as well. I really think that you have set the standard in fish nutrition. In fact, if my local fish store is out of your product, I will not substitute with a competitors’ fare. You have truly kept me as a loyal customer. Keep up the great work.

Bob David
Marion, Indiana

Until recently I’ve never fed my iguanas with food from the pet store because of poor quality, but your freeze dried Instant Veggie Mix and Fruit Mix are terrific! I live in Wisconsin and it’s not always practical to make my own iguana food, especially if certain fruits or vegetables aren’t in season. I love the ease and convenience of using your freeze-dried products and my iguanas can’t seem to get enough of ‘em!

Fond du Lac, WI

Being a concerned “mom” to my 2 red-eared slider water turtles who are now 32 & 33 years old, it’s imperative to me to make sure that their diet has the nutrients and quality they deserve, and I found that with San Francisco Bay Brand/ Healthy Herp products.

I’ve watched my turtles thrive with Healthy Herp adult formula frozen aquatic turtle diet, which is “natural & color dye free”, and which gives my turtles the nutrients they need.

I am very pleased with the quality, consistency and diversity of products from the San Francisco Bay Brand Company.

A Turtle Lover
Southern California

I have not known of your products until very recently. That is probably because I have lizards and not fish.

I came upon dragon treats. All I can say about them is…that the brand is simply AMAZING and EXACTLY what I have been dreaming of. There is one other brand that offers freeze dried items for reptiles…but you guys BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER DISH!

I am in LOVE with your grasshoppers! I would like to ask you to please ALWAYS offer them! They are exactly what I have been wishing for in terms of lizard food. ( I have two leopard geckos, one water dragon, one mountain horned dragon and one giant day gecko. ) I custom built all of their enclosures.

Your LOYAL fan and customer,

Ryan Cohen
Long Island, NY

Hello, I have a Chinese Box Turtle (Elmo) I rescued and was trying to nurse back to a health.

I tried every food recommended for box turtles, but Elmo refused to eat and was very weak.

It wasn’t until I tried the Healthy Herp Box Turtle Food Instant Meal that Elmo became “alive”. I mixed the food up, stuck it in his cage, put him in front of it and watched in amazement as he took one sniff and started practically inhaling the food!!!!!!

This was the first time he ate since I rescued him and I’m sure he felt great!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of Elmo’s stomach for essentially saving his life.

Stacy McClure
Sunnyvale, CA