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Algae Eaters & Plecos Recommended Foods

Tips & Hints

  • The benefits of feeding San Francisco Bay Brand® fish foods
    • All natural No fillers, no dyes
    • Highly nutritious
    • Our natural ingredients retain appearance and scent to entice finicky eaters
    • Free of harmful parasites and unwanted bacteria
    • Our high quality control exceeds industry standards
    • Convenient packaging/easy to use
    • For over 40 years San Francisco Bay Brand® has been widely recognized as the food of choice for fresh and saltwater fish
  • Vitamins & Supplements

    San Francisco Bay Brand® freeze dried fish foods can be used to soak up liquid vitamins, supplements or medications for easy administration.



Most recently I had purchased your brine shrimp and freeze dried plankton from my local aquarium store. All I have to say is that your company by far has the best fish foods for my fish. I own a cichlid tank and have noticed since feeding them your foods they have grown a large amount with the inclusion of colour. from now on I will recommend these foods to all of my friends who own aquariums and I will be purchasing more of your product in the future.

Jonathan Nancarrow